The Steve Hodson Single.

Compiled by Nik on the 16 August 2004.

The Steve Hodson Single was written in 1972 by Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gee’s fame and Billy Lawrie, Lulu‘s Brother.

The band personnel are not known, however Steve Hodson did the Lead Vocals on both the A and B sides.

The A side was Titled “Crystal Bay", and was Recorded by Steve Hodson and Produced by Jack Winsley and Bob Saker for York Records in 1973 in the U.K.



The B side was called “A San Diego Day” and was recorded around the same time.

Steve Hodson made this record for Yorkshire Television on their label York. Maurice had some connection with the record producers (Winsak Productions), and played bass on Saker's 1972 album, but it's not known whether he played on this one. The B side is by Winsley and Saker.

This was one of the last collaborations that Billy Lawrie did with Maurice and coincided with Maurice's separation from Billy's sister Lulu.

There was no follow up single from Steve, an album was planned but it was never released.


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