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                                           The Lightning Tree



Fans Letters 

Forum member FollyfootFanForever received quite a few replies from Yorkshire Television when he was researching the series and kept them all. He says...

"When researching Follyfoot many years ago you can see I sometimes had a reply that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Notice the letter I had back when I was trying to buy Follyfoot videos all those years ago, being told they were not available to purchase.  How times change!  I have all the DVDs, official release ones and unofficial release ones.

Also, notice the name of the farm on one of letters that I was told was a Follyfoot location... the wrong one!  Obviously it seems they were trying to keep the location a secret, even then.

I hope these are of interest to everyone."


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A letter Peter received from Yorkshire Television 





Horse Girls and Stunt Riders 


Horse Girl Gillian, wearing a specially made mask, doubles for Gillian Blake



Gillian Blake's stunt double Sadie Eddon


Horse Girl Jackie Stone



Fans Follyfoot Creations


Wendy Steward's Follyfoot chair 

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