The Locations


Follyfoot Farm, the main location for the series, was filmed at Hollin Hall on the Harewood estate in Yorkshire.



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Dora rides to Follyfoot. Linda's image (middle) taken in 2009. Jane's image taken in 2014 shows a fence has been erected around the lake



 Dora waters the Lightning Tree             Jane's image taken in 2010



 Dora walking Folly across the fields          Jane's image taken in 2010



Looking across the lake to Follyfoot.

On the left Jane Royston's personal photo taken in the 1970s.

Middle image taken by Pete in 2009.  Jane Royston is leaning on the fence looking across to the farm.

Far right Motomouse's image taken in 2013.  



Ron rides past the barns.

In Simon's image taken in 2004 both barns are still there.

Hollinhare's image far right taken in 2012 shows one barn has been demolished and a fence put up.



 The shed where Callie hides Moonstone has long gone but the lake is still as beautiful today.

 Jane's image taken in 2014



Dora searches for Folly by the lake.         Rob's image taken in 2008. 



Steve and Dora by the second lake        Motormouse's image taken in 2013




  Inside the barns.

  Jane's images taken in 2010 during a forum members meet-up.

  The barns are not accessible to the public.


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