The Horses of Follyfoot - Episode by Episode

Information taken from Jane Royston's book Follyfoot Remembered  


Episode 1 Dora


His real name was Flash



Episode 2 Steve


Two different foals were used as Folly during the series



The horse Steve was accused of laming was called Kip in real life

and owned by Horse Girl Janet Harrison



Affectionately known as "big fella" by the Horse Girls

He was ridden by the Colonel and another rider in this episode




Episode 3 Gypsy

The Gypsy's gorgeous Fell pony was kept at the farm 

where filming took place 



Episode 4 Shadow


His real name was Billy Bland and he competed

in Three Day Events 



Episode 5 One White-Foot Charley


In real life he had never been down a pit



Episode 6 The Charity Horse


He was tragically killed by a lorry


Marty was his replacement



Episode 7 Know All's Nag

A horse from Mary Chipperfield's Circus was used

instead of Marty in the colic scene



Episode 8 Moonstone

Moonstone was a real Circus horse


Alex, Steve's horse, was used instead of Moonstone

in the night-time rescue scenes



Episode 9 Stryker's Good Deed

Jon Jon

A real Rag and Bone pony






Episode 10 Mr She-Knows

Glory (Gloria)

Apparently Gloria enjoyed drinking Orange Juice!



Episode 11 The Standstill Horse


He came from a riding school for the disabled


Clipper's replacement



Episode 12 Birthday at Follyfoot

Copper Prince is Dora's birthday present from the Colonel

Lucky girl!



Episode 13 A Day In the Sun

The mistreated horse Steve rescued was a stunt horse



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