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Series One

Episode 1 Dora

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The Palladian Villa at Stockeld Park was the Colonel's residence.


The gates haven't changed at all                  Image taken by Jane in 2010



Impressive entrance to the Palladian Villa      Jane's image taken in 2010 



Dora walks up the beautiful staircase           Still beautiful in 2010 



The Colonel and Dora in the dining room     Jane's image taken in 2010




The clock above the stables                      Image by Pete taken in 2010



The Colonel's stables                              Linda's image of Stockeld stables in 2010



Dora in the stables                                  Gillian Blake revisits in 2011 




Episode 2 Steve


Steve hides Kip from the Squires men. This was filmed at Ilkley Moor Thanks Johno for the image



The rock with the clock-type face can be seen behind Steve and Dora in the screen cap. Middle image taken by Johno.

My image taken in 2014. 



The scene where Steve and Dora cross a river to escape from the Squires men was filmed at Bolton Abbey. My image on the far right shows the river today and an almost identical photo of Steve crossing this section of the river can be seen on page 22 in Jane Royston's book Follyfoot Remembered





Episode 3 Gypsy


Shadwell was the location for Tinikers Farm. Thanks to Johno for the recent image on the right.



Tinikers Farm, thanks to Johno for the image.




Episode 4 Shadow


Isobel in the grounds of Stockeld Park        Jane's image taken in 2011 



Swindon Road, which leads to Kirby Overblow. 

On the right is forum member Motormouse riding his bike on the same road in 2013.



The lay-by where Ron breaks down and Steve turns to ride across the fields to the farm. 

Motormouse's image taken in 2013.



The line of trees are still recognisable in Motormouse's image taken in 2013. 



 In Hollinhare's image taken in 2008 the Hawthorn tree was upright. In 2014 Jane's image shows a different story! 



Episode 5 One White-Foot Charley


Episode 6 The Charity Horse


The Shambles in Wetherby                  Image taken by Jane in 2011 



Cross street, where the Willens pony is killed by a lorry. Simon's image taken in 2006. 



Tockwith Weekly Examiner shop in Wetherby

Middle image taken in 2004 by Simon and Jane's image on the right in 2011.



The Town Hall in Wetherby                Image on the right taken by Jane in 2011



The Willen's house in Wike. Filming took place at the back of the house, and the original steps have been retained.

Thanks Barney for the these images taken in 2009.



The barn behind The Colonel is next door to the above house.



For more information on The Charity Horse locations click HERE



Episode 7 Know All's Nag


Wetherby station where Gip hides Marty. It's now a car park but you can still see the bridge. Jane's images taken in 2011.




Episode 8 Moonstone


The Circus was set up in fields to the right of the farmhouse which can be seen in Jane Royston's image.

Linda's image far right taken in 2009 




Episode 9 Stryker's Good Deed


Ron riding along North West Road. Now completely rebuilt (Google street view 2010)



As they put the rag and bone man in the ambulance, you get a glimpse on the right of a block of flats.

called Holborn Towers in Shay Street         Image taken in 2010 by Rob



 Gip running away from Ron. The Steps are unchanged in Robs image taken in 2010.



Episode 10 Mr She-Knows


Episode 11 The Standstill Horse


The area where Steve and Dora trained the horse for Ginny was in fields across the other side of the valley from the farm.

This location was also used as the "Quarry" where Gip fell down in episode The Charity Horse. Rob's image taken in 2010.

Motormouse's image far right taken in 2014.




 Steve, Ginny and Dora outside the Clap Gate Inn.  Jane's image taken in 2011.



At Tuckwood Farm, the muck heap is where Ginny had her mounting block.

In the screen cap you can just see the house in the distance.

Barneys image taken in 2009.




Episode 12 Birthday at Follyfoot


Ron rides his bike up Wike Lane                Linda's image taken in 2009



Field where Ron is lying down reading a comic.    Jane's image taken 2014



The tree with the bent branch is still there today. Jane's image taken in 2014



 Episode 13 A Day In the Sun



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