The book from where it all started.

"The life of the ageing, ailing horses at their Midlands rest home is not always placid. The living-for-kicks Night-Riders must have their sport. But the Captain, who runs the home, and his young helpers, Paul and Dora, love their charges and are devoted to cushioning them against the ravages of age and the cruelty of man."


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Michael Joseph 1963 hb    
Coward-McCann American edition 1963 hb    
Children’s Book Club hb    
Penguin 1967 pb    

Peacock 1971 pb

Horse on the cover, Austrian Sky,

was owned by Jane Royston horse manager   

of the TV series

Chivers large print 1978 hb    
Chivers 1990 hb    

Renamed New Arrival at Follyfoot,

Mammoth 1993 pb

Swedish edition    


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