Smilex Video 2008

On the 16th of October, I visited Hollin Hall, together with my two sons.

At noon we arrived at the A659 (Harewood Avenue). I parked the car at the junction to the New Laithe Farm. The weather was almost perfect. Apart from some clouds the sky was very clear, causing the sunlight to be bright white. Unfortunately there was too much wind for making a steady video. We walked down to New Laithe Farm. From there Hollin Hall was visible, being about 700 metres away and 30 metres below, beautifully backlit by the cool sunlight.

On approaching and levelling with the farm, a "lightning tree" became apparent, silhouetted against the sky. This one had got leaves on the lower branches. It seemed bigger then the lightning tree from 35 years ago and I doubt if it is the same. If it is, it must have grown and most certainly have been relocated. I could not find the original gate and farm house. I think the latter has been replaced by the new building completely.

We walked around the place, then further down south along the lakeside and toward the woods and the small pond. This is a fenced area but it is easily accessible from the north. This treasure has been conserved very well and it looked as if filming the episodes was done only yesterday.

From that point we crossed the field towards the New Laithe Farm again, passing some very curious bulls, apparently not used to seeing Dutch people at such a close range.

Altogether we have spent more than two hours walking, looking, making pictures and also shooting some folly footage. I must say it was a very special and great experience, well worth the driving from Ipswitch in the morning.


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