Sabrina's Visit to Hollin Hall 2012

Made the pilgrimage on a lovely, if slightly cloudy, summer's day.

My navigator made, ahem, an error and directed me to Church Lane Collingham instead of Church Lane Harewood. I wondered why I couldn't find the village hall!  But as I turned the car at the end of the lane I noticed one rather lovely detached house is called Beck House . I wonder if it was the inspiration for Lord Beck...?

Anyway, we found the right Church Lane five minutes later and peeked through into the Village Hall where a ballet class was in progress. So... Onto Follyfoot. Mr Sabrina thought New Laithe Farm was the place as it looked rather like what he had seen in the series and it does appear to be from the same vintage. Sadly I had to dissuade him and we followed two riders who had their horses at New Laithe down the hill.

Such a thrill knowing that we were walking the same ground as Steve and Gillian had walked! It really is a gorgeous location, and with all the rain it's stunningly green. As we walked around the back of the house I saw an ominous pile of stone rubble... When we got further round I could only see one barn, the main barn. So sad news, I believe the second barn which was in such disrepair has gone! Walking around the woods they were all fenced off... No access to the second lake!

We met a man walking his dog who turned out to be the owner of Hollin Hall. He's very nice despite all the alterations he has done to the place and works in the same industry as Mr Sabrina. They got talking, it was all very nice and once he'd turned to continue his walk and we'd headed back towards the house I realized I hadn't asked about the barn! Total numpty! 


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Around the back of the house




The lake - still with the pontoons, was imagining Steve and Dora there!



And the existing barn





The pile of rubble which I think may be the old barn




And more of the house, back and front 




And finally...

Aside from the hideous high vis vest... this could be some friends of Steve and Dora riding down the hill to Follyfoot. These two women had their horses stabled at New Laithe Farm. One was a gorgeous Irish cob. We all walked down the hill together 


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