2012 visit

On a brief visit to Leeds I looked for the location of Blackett's Cafe where Steve looks for his Mum. This was filmed on Woodhouse Street in Leeds. When Steve crosses the street to the Cafe, you can see the spire of the Church of the Holy Name in the background. This has since been demolished. There's a photo of the church on the Leodis website


This area has been completely cleared and redeveloped




I was passing along Kirkstall Road and couldn't resist stopping for another look at the site of Lilian Street, seen in 'Miss Him When He's Gone'. Looking up to the viaduct it's amazing to think that this area was once packed solid with back-to-back houses!




Here's a relic of the past - these cobbles behind the former Rising Sun pub (now a second hand furniture shop) were once part of Lilian Place, which ran between Lilian Street and Kirkstall Road.




I found the yard in Otley that is seen at the beginning of 'Poor Bald Head'. Here it is in the show



...and here it is today, looking much the same!




Wetherby station in episode Know All's Nag. Steam train photo reproduced with kind permission from Nick Catford.

More information about Wetherby station on Disused Stations website


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