Rob's Location Visits 2010/2012


Follyfoot Locations in Leeds on Google Street View 2010


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First of all the scenes from "Stryker's Good Deed"

Ron is riding along North West Road



...and here is North West Road today, completely rebuilt!




As they put the rag and bone man in the ambulance, you get a glimpse on the right of a block of flats called Holborn Towers in Shay Street




Here is Shay Street with Holborn Towers today




Gip talks to a policeman by a flight of steps that leads to Servia Hill




The steps are still there but the local surroundings are much greeer and more verdant!




Now for "Poor Bald Head". The notorious Thacket's Rise was filmed at the bottom of King's Road



The lower end of King's Road has been redeveloped, and the road now ends in a cul-de-sac.



This shows Kelsall Road from the junction with Alexandra Road, more or less where King's Road would have ended. This is the road that can be seen in the distance on the screen cap.




Here's the Foley house in the very run-down Lilian Street




...and as far as I can ascertain, this is the same view today. You can see the parapet of the viaduct behind the bungalow in the distance!




Dora and the brothers on the site of the stables




...and this is Banker Street today. Not very attractive, but then bankers aren't held in high esteem nowadays! The cobbles look original - perhaps Dora could have walked across them?




Here are Dora and young Master Foley




... and here is the same corner of the cemetery today




Here's Gip running away from Ron!




And here are the steps today



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