Linda's Location Walk June 2009


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The Forge

I fell in love with this place. I would love to buy it, and the cottage next to it, and lovingly do them up.



The road (Wike Lane) goes past the Forge. This is 'Ron's road' where we quite often see him riding his bike and where he found the jousting poster. It was great to see the old petrol pump still outside.



The Clap Gate Inn.

Used in 'The Standstill Horse, but now four very pretty cottages.



The Shambles.

In Wetherby, where parts of 'The Charity Horse' was filmed.


The site of the old Wetherby Station

The location was used in episode 'Know All's Nag'. This is where Steve found and helped Gip and Marty.



The buildings have long since been demolished but we found the edging stones of one of the platforms still in situ. 



If you look carefully you can see the road bridge which spanned the railway on the DVD in the distance. 



Harewood Estate 

This is the lovely bridge that Dora and Tina were filmed on... and now me too! The bridge is so pretty within the woods.



This is the view I am looking at. 


The last part of the walk and we arrived at the place where Dora and Chip took part in the race during episode 'The Challenge'. 


You can see the trees behind Dora on the DVD. The stunning view cross the Wharfe Valley was worth the long climb up the hill. 


This is Harewood Village Hall where Dora and Chip had their date at the disco, and where we started and finished our walk. 


Unfortunately it was locked so the inside shot is taken through the window. 


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