Motormouse's Location Visits 2013


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Well I finally made it to Otley and took this photo 




From episode The Prize and the Standstill Horse, the two trees where Steve took his boots off to get the water out and where they are riding to get away form the Nightriders are still there, you can just see them to the right of the photo, it is very awkward place to get to, the road down to the bridge only goes so far and then it is in a very bad state of repair, I went down by motorbike and had to ride in the centre of the road, then you have to walk the last couple of hundred yards to the river as it is gravel the rest of the way, but well worth a visit, I am glad I went


Public Footpath by the Lake at Follyfoot


The second lake.

Photo far right I am pretty sure this is the spot where they parked Wendy's car for the picnic.


View of the farm



I wanted to get a picture of the bridge looking up from the stream but it was so overgrown that you would not have seen anything.








Locations for episode Shadow


This is where they filmed The Challenge; you can see the trees to the left of the picture are the same as

Hollinhare's Walk







This is me riding up the same bit of road that Steve rode Ron's motorbike to return to Follyfoot from the point to point in the episode Shadow 









This is the lay-by that Ron and Lewis stopped in when Ron's bike broke down, and the same bit where Steve turned to ride across the field to return to Follyfoot, episode Shadow.



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