I went up to the top barn (where Ron would usually hide and have a smoke and a snooze) I noticed that the end, support beam is now bending with the strain-the top part appears to have snapped, holding up the heavy, slated roof.

Will this surely collapse soon? Like everyone else on the day, we were all definitely taking a risk venturing inside. Clearly, anyone doing this, is doing so at their own risk and permission should at least be requested beforehand. Christine Saul had confirmed the two blue doors that were once fixed up against the top barn were now being used as barriers to help prevent livestock from going inside.


I walked into the other adjoining section. The red brick wall here was added by the Follyfoot set, according to Christine. I went outside via the open doorway, and looked across the lake area.


This very doorway was where the Colonel had declared to Dora, Steve and Ron that the old shack by the lake would need to come down -on the account of it being an ‘eyesore’. Christine had added that the old shack was not original but had been built by the film set. I gradually walked down towards the others and peered back onto the farm -which nowadays has a real ghostly, decaying feel about the place.
We carried on walking alongside the lake area and down towards the wooded, secret lake location. Ray Knight and some of the others had gone on further in another direction up the hillside- to explore other locations that were filmed during Follyfoot. When we got to the small hidden lake area, people were keen to locate the tree where Steve and Dora nearly declared their love for each other! There was no luck on this occasion! All the trees looked the same! But it may be possible to properly locate these areas in time.
Then, as the afternoon went on, gradually some of us slowly made our way back towards the main lake area and sat down waiting for the others to return. When some of the others eventually returned, we took a detour and walked along the mud track that has become a new public footpath. Originally this had ran between Follyfoot farm and the old cottage.

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