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1972 Annual



Charge of the Light Brigade!

Follyfoot Special 1973 (4 b/w pages)

Writer: Angus Allan
Artist: Mike Noble

Attempting to acquire sorely needed funds, Dora is in Leeds to clinch a deal with American film producer Samuel K. Manheim to provide mounts for his epic about the Charge of the Light Brigade. Meanwhile, Slugger spots a bank raid and, in trying to stop it, is taken hostage for his trouble by the three crooks. Slugger is implicated, but the crooks hiding in a cave on the moors find their car has broken down. Their boss Scarface borrows Slugger's raincoat to walk back to Leeds and fetch a mechanic but Steve recognises it and follow him on horseback. The car has to be fixed in town, and in Scarface's absence the film crew set up outside the cave! He tries to escape with the others as smoke from the battle gives cover, but they unwittingly run into the Charge's path itself in poetic justice.



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