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Played the main character Dora Maddocks, niece to the Colonel. When Dora's father takes up a Diplomatic position in South America her parents decide to leave her with the Colonel. She comes from a privileged but dysfunctional upbringing, her parents being strangers to her and she is a product of an expensive education, private tutors and a finishing school.

Gillian studied acting at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and appeared in several TV series before starring in Follyfoot, including a BBC Comedy Playhouse- The Loves of Larch Hill written by Anne Burnaby, produced by Eric Fawcett, aired in 1969. Gillian played the character of Alison "smudge" Love. 


Gillian has also played a part in the 1969 movie "Goodbye, Mr.Chips."


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"Halleluiah, Mary Plum" by Rose Tremain

Thanks to Tom who actually managed to salvage about ten minutes of this play. He says "to my knowledge this has never been repeated on air."

The 1980s play is about Gillian Blake's character going to stay with her sister after a nervous breakdown. Her sister is an artist in the story and Gillian does have a major role in it.

Transcript for short snippet from Halleluiah, Mary Plum

(Gillian Blake as Louise, and child stand in a forest glade beside a pond, both throwing in pebbles.)

Child: "It's rather serious - isn't it? Sort of tragic the pond. Can just imagine Margy's Oatmeal(?) drowning in this pond. Going down, down like a slide, wearing his top hat. You know - Miss Margy'd prop her hand on her tennis racket and cry and wail and say to herself - 'dear, oh dear, what an ending. Poor Lord Oatmeal(?) and poor me as his bride. What a terrible end to a life'."

(pans up to Gillian's face, eyes welling, while the child giggles to itself)

(camera cuts to shot of distant couple laying in a sunny clearing behind the trees)
Female: "Wonder there the others are?"
Male : "Shall we go and look for them?"
Female: "No. I expect they'll come to us."

(couple embrace. Camera cuts back to overhead shot of Gillian and Child still by the pond. Music starts.)

(female vocalist, uncredited.)

Well, when I'm a very lame woman(child laughs in distance)
And my steps are simple slow
When a forest floor is my own back door
Then perhaps I'll know

(camera pans back and upwards and credits roll)

Why a child has wings
Why the summertime sings
Why a tall house leans on my hilltop dreams
Why giants roar on the flannel shore
and why my colours fly.

Yes, when I'm a age old woman
And time lines up my brow
They'll tell me why my colour fly
I want to know it now

Yes, I want to know it now......

end transcript.




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