The Incidental Music

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The Incidental Music LP.
Compiled by Nik on the 16 August 2004.

With thanks to Paul Marshall for providing the MP3 files

The LP's Title was, "Follyfoot", "Theme and Incidental Music from the Series.

It was recorded by, The Settlers, The Patrick Michael Orchestra and The New Concert Orchestra. Again, like the Single it was on York Records - York BYK 715.
The Track list is as follows:

Side One.
1.The Lightning Tree. (S. Francis)

2.Follyfoot Suite 1 (R. Sharples)

3.The Paddle Wheeler (Drama in Strings) (D. Farnon)

4.Follyfoot Suite 2 (R. Sharples)

5.The Parting (D. Farnon)

6.Meadow Mist (T. Duncan)

Side Two.
1.Follyfoot Suite 3 (R. Sharples)

2.The Reunion (D. Farnon)

3.Wednesday’s Child (D. Farnon)

4.The Journey (D. Farnon)

5.Unwanted Theme From “The Boy” (T. Duncan)

6.Open Country (D. Farnon)

7.Follyfoot Suite 4 (R Sharples)

8.A Tender Heart (D. Farnon).


"From the success of Yorkshire Television's award winning series "Follyfoot", in Britain and the twenty other countries in which it has been screened, evolved an extraordinary interest in the introductory and incidental music.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I am in some way able to pay tribute to the talents and skills of Stephen Francis, Robert Sharples, Trevor Duncan and Dennis Farnon whose scores have complemented this series so beautifully."

The above quote was written in 1973 by Tony Essex - Executive Producer of Follyfoot.



Above is the full score for Meadow Mist - A Pastoral Soliloquy which I got out of Boosey & Hawks the music publishers, also back in the 70s. This is one of the feature pieces of incidental music from the series, and a great feature of the Follyfoot music LP. The funny thing is that until I sat down to scan it I thought it had been written especially for Follyfoot. Now I see it was written in 1954 by Trevor Duncan (1924-2005).

"Trevor Duncan's most famous works are mainly classed in the light music category. As well as those mentioned above, these include Children in the Park, 20th Century Express, Sixpenny Ride, Wine Festival and Meadow Mist".

All the parts are there from piano/conductor through three violins and the rest of the strings to oboe, flute, clarinet and harmonium. Handy if we have any musicians amongst the web site readers.

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