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During my recent trip to Yorkshire for a forum meet up I decided to visit several Follyfoot locations on my motorbike and make a few helmet cam videos.


The Palladian Villa at Stockeld Park was the Colonel's residence, this is the first thing Dora would have seen as she was driving through the famous gates in Episode 1 "Dora".

Sincere thanks to the owners of Stockeld Park for giving me permission to film this video, Thank you!





Several locations were filmed at Thorner Village High Street, including: The School (now the Parish Centre) in Episode 11 "Out of the Blue Horse", The florist shop in Episode 13 "Fly Away Home", The  Saddler Shop, Hat Shop and The Ford in Episode 2 "The Four Legged Hat". The church at the end of the street can be seen in some of the shots behind Dora and Ron.





This is Swindon Lane that leads to Kirkby Overblow. At 02:01 you will see the lay by that Steve turned into on Ron's bike. The section of road at 02:06 was also used in other motorbike scenes. At 07:48 you will see the Clap Gate Inn which appeared in Episode 11 "The Standstill Horse". The Inn is now a row of cottages and the video ends at Sicklinghall.





The Forge appeared in Episode 13 "Walk in the Wood" and Wike Lane appears in Episode 12 "Birthday at Follyfoot", where you see Ron riding his motorbike towards us at 02:26. The Barn at 03:53 can also be seen in the background as Ron rides past it.




Leaving the grounds of Harewood Estate passing the Harewood Arms and arriving at Harewood Village Hall. The Village Hall is where Dora went to a disco in Episode 6 "The Challenge".





This section of Swindon Lane was used when Steve rides Ron's bike and turns off to ride across the fields to the farm, the turn off is shown clearer at the end of the video. It was also used to film the scene where Dora is on the back as Steve rides Ron's bike.


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