Tim Benson's Visit - July 2007


Hello everyone
I visited Hollin Hall, as I was visiting my brother who lives in the North, and I must say it is a very picturesque place. I approached through New Laithe Farm and once through the latter FollyFoot is immediately obvious in the bottom of the valley.


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I don't know if previous visitors to FollyFoot realise but there is a second 'lake' to the extreme left of the wood which faces you as you walk past the main lake. It is easily accessible and, once there, it is clear that it was used as a filming location in episodes such as 'Treasure Hunt.' The tree line gives it away although its a bit more overgrown now. Also, how they managed to get Wendy's Triumph stag up there in episode 'The Prize' I don't know.

I had my pack lunch there just imagining Steve blowing the opportunity of a lifetime by not reciprocating Dora's feelings. There was not a soul there that day and I could also hear curlews in the distance as you can at that point of the ' Treasure Hunt' episode where Steve goes on about treasures. It was an absolutely magical half hour there consuming me lunch!




Not only that, the rear part of this same wood was used as a location in the episode ' Family of Strangers'.
The scene where Steve caught his leg in a poacher's trap was clearly shot just inside this wood. As you look up the hillside from the wood edge, you can just 'see' Ron and Slugger driving down the hillside to supposedly rescue Steve. By nifty camera work, the main lake is easily kept out of the view.

The buildings are as they were at the last visit but they seem to be in use. Also the yard has been cleared of debris and weeds. A big doorway has been created in the left-side of the top rear barn the inside of which is still accessible.

The place has spirit in abundance and I must confess to taking a small rock from the main lakeside.



I have to pinch myself even now at finding that second lake. Time seems to have stood still there. I was expecting Dora and Steve to arrive any minute on horses. I could hear Steve and Dora going through that famous scene in 'treasure hunt'

The lakes are used for fishing now. Also that small wood is home to a pheasant hatchery or farm, whatever you call it. Walking down away from the farm past the lake you can imagine Steve walking at the side of you as he leaves at the end of series one and you look back to see Dora in floods of tears at the gate.

In the surrounding fields you can see Dora schooling Copper and imagine Ron skiving off in a nearby cornfield in episode 'Birthday at FollyFoot'

Oh I could go on!!!!

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