1973 Annual



Davey's Daring Rescue



Lost in the Snow



Mystery at Follyfoot



Odds Against the Favourite



The Mystery Mare



The Wild West Riding


1974 Annual


Dora Saves the Day



Foul Play at Follyfoot



Hidden Treasure



One Stormy Night



Riders Relay



The Circus Secret


1975 Annual


Gipsy Rock






Phantom of Follyfoot



Queen for a Day



Red Tempest



Sluggers Secret



The Stranger


1976 Annual


A Rival for Dora



A Star is Born






Dora Lends a Hand



One Good Turn



The Secret Shooting


1977 Annual


A Favour Returned



A Joker in the Pack






Flags at Follyfoot



Gipsies and Gorgios



Save the Shires



Slugger and Spice

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