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"You will notice at the end of each synopsis there is a note called the Cryometer... one of the enduring memories I had of the series before I started to re-watch it, was that Dora seemed to cry in every episode. After watching I realised that wasn’t the case, but that when she did become upset it was for a very good reason, one I would probably have cried at myself!!"

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Series One Synopsis

Series Two Synopsis

Series Three Synopsis

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Follyfoot Cast List

Listed Alphabetically by first name of Actor

A - F


Alastair Hunter - Mr Carlton - The Distant Voice



Alethea Charlton - Phyllis Wetherby - The Helping Hand



Alphonse Kaminski - Walk In The Woods


 Ambrosine Phillpotts- Lady Martha Carne - Debt of Honour



Andrew Sweeney - The Debt


Ann Way - Mrs Buckley - Barney



Anthony Andrews - Lord Beck - The Awakening


Anthony Woodruff - Mr Bricklebank - Fly Away Home



Arthur English - Slugger Jones - 38 episodes

(Didn't appear in The Challenge) 


Arthur Hewlett - A Day In The Sun



Arthur Lambert - Policeman - Gypsy



Barbara Keogh - Apple woman - Miss Him When He's Gone


Basil Henson- Arthur Maddocks  - Dora, Fly Away Home



Bernadette Milnes - Noreen - Moonstone



Bernard Lee - Woodman - Walk In The Woods


Bert Palmer - Tom Platt - One White Foot Charley,

The Innocents


Beryl Cooke - Miss Patience - Out of the Blue Horse,

The Bridge Builder, Uncle Joe


Betty Turner - Emily Derwent - Treasure Hunt


Betty Turner - Mrs Barrett - The Four Legged hat


Bill Dean - Mr Clegg - The Dream



Brenda Cowling - Lady Caroline Beck - The Awakening


Brian Osborne - Tyler - The Innocents



Bryan Sweeney - Gip Willens - The Charity Horse,

Know-All's Nag, Stryker's Good Deed



Celia Hewitt - Anna Holmes - Moonstone


Charles Lamb - Someone, Somewhere


Charles Pemberton - Police Sergeant - Uncle Joe



Chloe Franks - Angela - Uncle Joe


Christian Rodska - Ron Stryker - 38 episodes

(Didn't appear in Out of the Blue Horse)


Christopher Coll - George Platt - One White Foot Charley


Clare Kelly - Katherine Ross - Someone, Somewhere, The Debt



Clifford Rose - Mr Dockerty - Poor Bald Head


Colin Bell - Johnnie Clegg - The Dream



Colin Douglas - Matt - The Innocents


Colin Rix - Vet - Dora, A Day In The Sun




Daphne Oxenford - Secretary - Poor Bald Head



David Hemmings - Uncle Joe Rimmington - Uncle Joe


David Richardson - Groom - Steve


David Swift - Mr Bendiger - Poor Bald Head


David Wilkinson - Hooligan - Hazel



Desmond Llewelyn - Colonel Geoffrey Maddocks - 35 episodes

(Didn't appear in Barney, The Challenge, The Letter, The Helping Hand)


Dorothea Rundle - Agnes Derwent - Treasure Hunt


Dorothy Reynolds - Prudence Maddocks  - Dora, Fly Away Home


Edward Underdown - Matthew - Steve


Elaine Donnelly - Wendy Bendiger - Poor Bald Head, The Prize


Freda Jeffries - Cauliflower Woman - Miss Him When He's Gone


Frederick Treves - Sam Lockwood - Barney, The Dream,

The Challenge, The Letter



Fulton Mackay - Mr Wilmot - Someone, Somewhere


G - J


Garfield Morgan - Brian Donnelly - Hazel


Garth Watkins - Parkinson - The Letter



Geoffrey Morris - Vet - The Prize, The Distant Voice,

The Dream, The Helping Hand, Hazel, Walk In The Woods


George Malpas - Mr Plum - The Letter


George Waring - Bert - Moonstone, Someone, Somewhere


Geraldine Newman - Janet Draper - A Present for Sandy


Gillian Bailey - Callie Holmes - Steve, One White Foot Charley,

Moonstone, Out of the Blue Horse


Gillian Blake - Dora Maddocks - Appeared in 39 episodes


Godfrey James - Willie - The Innocents



Gorden Kaye - Man with Court Order - The Dream


Greg Powell - 3rd man - Steve



Gretchen Franklin - Mrs Porter - The Awakening, Fly Away Home, Hazel



Harold Goodwin - Bill - The Innocents



Harry Littlewood - Bargee - Someone, Somewhere



Harry Markham - Hercule's owner - Someone, Somewhere



Howard Goorney - Reuben Kellet - Gypsy



Ivan Beavis - Liverpool Policeman - Someone, Somewhere, The Debt



James Ottaway - Bill Chadwick - Rain On Friday




Jack Le White - Weighman - Poor Bald Head



Jack Woolgar - Seth Draper - A Present for Sandy



Jane Hutcheson - Judy - Someone, Somewhere



Janet Hargreaves - Lady Millicent Longchild - The Debt



Jill Summers - Mrs Ginwood - The Letter



Jean Lockhart - Shopkeeper - Fly Away Home



Jo Warne - Onion Woman - Miss Him When He's Gone



Joe Ritchie - Bert - The Debt



John Barrard - Pilkington - The Letter



John Barrett - Ernie Perkins - Poor Bald Head



John Barrie - Ed Foley - Miss Him When He's Gone


John Cater - Clem Barrett - The Four Legged Hat



John Lyons - Photographer - The Charity Horse



John Stratton - Arnold Berwick - Out of the Blue Horse



John Swindells - Stryker's Good Deed



K- P


Kareen Hofsass - Birthday at Follyfoot



Kathleen Michael - Mrs Wilmot - Someone, Somewhere



Kathleen St. John - A Present for Sandy



Kathy Staff - One White Foot Charley



Kathy Staff - The Letter


Kay Gallie - One White Foot Charley



Keith Buckley - Geoff Shaw - The Hundred Pound Horse



Keith James - Shopkeeper - One White Foot Charley



Ken Watson - Charlie - The Innocents



Larry Noble - Tanner - Treasure Hunt



Len Jones - Willy Willens - The Charity Horse, Know-All's Nag



Leon Vitali - Brian Foley - Miss Him When He's Gone



Lesley Roach - Angie Buckley - Barney



Leslie Dwyer - Mr Wimble - The Debt



Leslie Schofield - Someone, Somewhere



Lewis Wilson - Ambulance man - A Present for Sandy



Leyland Vincent - Walk In The Woods



Lynne Frederick - Tina - The Bridge Builder, Uncle Joe



Lynne Perrie - Stryker's Good Deed



Maggie Flint - Mrs Widgeon - The Debt



Margaret Boyd - Steve's Grandmother - A Day In The Sun



Marc Granger - Tim Shaw - The Hundred Pound Horse



Margery Mason - Mrs Willens - The Charity Horse, Know-All's Nag



Maxine Barrie - Stryker's Good Deed



Michael Collins - Garage Owner - The Debt



Mollie Maureen - Mrs Padgett - The Distant Voice



Neil Hallett - Mr Whitaker - Uncle Joe



Nigel Crewe - Chip Lockwood - Barney, The Dream,

The Challenge, The Letter



Norma Shebbeare - Minnie Foley - Miss Him When He's Gone



Norman Atkyns - Mr Buckley - Barney



Norman Mitchell - The Dream



Pam St. Clement - Cafe Assistant - Someone, Somewhere



Pamela Alan - Dorothy Corbett - Hazel



Paul Ambrose - Jackie - Uncle Joe



Paul Frith - The Standstill Horse



Paul Guess - Lewis Hammond - Dora, Steve, Shadow,

One White Foot Charley, The Standstill Horse



Paul Luty- Groom - Dora



Paul Rosebury - Mick - Walk In The Woods



Paul Whitsun-Jones - Lollipop's owner - The Helping Hand



Peter Porteous - Wally - The Innocents



Peter Schofield - Van Driver - Fly Away Home



Peter Whitbread - Auctioneer - The Four Legged Hat



Peter Copley - Sir John - The Bridge Builder



Petra Markham - Ginny Tuckwood - The Standstill Horse




Phil Wood - Ben - The Innocents



Q - Z


Ralph Lawton - Doctor - The Awakening



Ray Mort - Miss Him When He's Gone



Ray Witch - Shopkeeper - The Four Legged Hat



Raymond Adamson - Major Lewis - The Challenge



Reginald Barratt - Vet - The Standstill Horse



Richard Beaumont - Gavin Foley - Miss Him When He's Gone



Richard Goolden - Mr Mallet - Mr She-Knows



Rio Fanning - Reporter - The Charity Horse



Ron Pember - The Innocents



Ron Welling - Horse Owner - The Four Legged Hat



Ronald Leigh-Hunt - Bernard Fox - The Helping Hand



Rosamond Burne - Florist - Fly Away Home


Rosamond Greenwood - Aunt Millie - A day In The Sun



Ruth Holden - Mrs Dickerson - The Letter



Sadie Eddon - Stunt woman - Barney



Sam Kydd - Bookmaker - Shadow



Sammy Sharples - Jon-Jon's Owner - Stryker's Good deed



Sheila Fay - Judy's Mother - Someone, Somewhere



Shelagh Fraser - Vera Berwick - Out of the Blue Horse


Simon Thompson - Sandy Draper - A Present For Sandy



Simon Roebuck - Simon - The Bridge Builder



Stan Jay - Mr Linnett - The Dream



Stephen Bent - Noreen's boyfriend - Moonstone



Sue Cornell - Jacqueline - The Bridge Builder



Steven Leslie Hodson - Steve Ross - Appeared in 39 episodes




Ted Carroll - The Charity Horse

Ted Carroll - Moonstone



Ted Carroll - A Day in the Sun


Ted Carroll - The Debt


Ted Carroll - The Letter




Terence Davies - Davey - The Innocents


Terence de Marney - Groom - Dora



Terry Cantor - Stryker's Good Deed



Tim Pearce - Picket - The Innocents



Tommy Boyle - The Gypsy - Gypsy



Tommy Godfrey - Mr Stryker - Mr She-Knows



Tony Steedman - Mr Tuckwood - The Standstill Horse



Tracy Eddon - Lisa Pilkington - The Letter



Valerie Holliman - Cleo - Family of Strangers



Veronica Quilligan - Hazel Donnelly - Hazel, Walk In The Woods



Virginia Denham - Isobel Mathews - Shadow



Wallace Campbell - Vet - One White Foot Charley


Walter Horsbrugh - Doctor - Treasure Hunt, The Awakening



Walter Randall - Tinker - Walk In The Woods



Walter Sparrow - Amos Kellet - Gypsy



William Mervyn - Squire Mathews - Dora, Shadow



Wolfe Morris - Mr Parkes - Debt of Honour




Directors/Camera men


An article about Camera Man Peter Jackson provided by Nik 2004 


Frost bound - and happy to be so

In these freelance days your typical film crew perceives itself as a bunch of skilled individuals who band (and bond) transiently for a specific job, the making of a film, and then disperse. There are exceptions. Peter Jackson BSC, GBCT, and his crew are currently (autumn 1998) shooting the sixth series of A Touch of Frost, for Yorkshire TV, with no permanent change of personnel. For this to happen in Yorkshire, where fools are not suffered gladly, somebody is doing something right. Probably they all are.

Peter and cinematography first came together in his late teens over a clockwork 9.5 mm Pathé. Hooked from then on, it was a few years later (1958) that he got his start as a trainee assistant editor with a small documentary company in London's New Bond Street. "I later moved to another company; one so small that almost immediately you became a cameraman/director working with a client. This not only gave me the chance to shoot but also to follow the job through editing and sound-dubbing. It was very interesting and very good training."
Sufficient training indeed that, on moving back north, he leaped the loader/focus stages to become a newsreel stringer for Granada and ABCTV. Then came a spell with a Bradford commercials production company before, in 1968, he joined Yorkshire TV as they started their film unit.
“. . . the speed and accuracy with which retakes and reverses were shot emphasised the benefits . . . of having experienced crews and casts who are well-accustomed to working together. I was certainly the first cameraman there, because I unpacked their three new Arri BL 16s which were all they then owned. Initially, YTV camera work was news or documentaries. Docs had always been on film. Alan Whicker also joined YTV in 1968, and I did a couple of trips with him to Hollywood and a European tour and worked a lot with Antony Thomas (Death of a Princess). I went with him to the Middle East, to Japan and twice to Africa, doing a series of personalised travel documentaries.
YTV Drama then was studio-based and tape-originated, but we were soon being sent out to shoot taxis drawing up, and people getting out. Then, when we'd got really good at that, we were allowed to do taxis drawing up right-to-left. Slowly they got more ambitious and put whole sequences out to film but these still had to cut back into studio stuff, usually giving a horrible match because 16mm stock wasn't a patch on what we have today. Finally, in the early 1970s, they became brave enough to do whole productions on film and TV drama had arrived."
Since then for Peter, it has been largely TV drama all the way. "I stayed with YTV until October 1995, which makes me one of their longest-serving inhabitants. I stuck with them because they kept offering me assignments which were as good as I could have got anywhere.”


Peter Jackson - Cinematographer & Filmography

By Nik, August 2004

Peter Jackson appeared to start his career with Follyfoot, judging by the list of his later work, the series was very fortunate to have had him!

The Second Quest (2004) (TV)
Shipman (2002) (TV)
The Quest (2002) (TV)
Hamish Macbeth (1995) TV Series
The Wanderer (1994/I) TV Series
Stalag Luft (1993) (TV)
A Touch of Frost (1992) TV Series (episode "Nothing to Hide")
The Darling Buds of May (1991) TV Series
Missing Persons (1990) (TV)
A Day in Summer (1989) (TV)
The Beiderbecke Connection (1988) (mini) TV Series
Out of the Shadows (1988) (TV)
The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank (1988) (TV)
The Beiderbecke Tapes (1987) (TV)
Comeback (1987) (TV)
Cloud Waltzing (1987) (TV)
May We Borrow Your Husband? (1986) (TV)
Romance on the Orient Express (1985) (TV)
The Beiderbecke Affair (1984) (mini) TV Series
One Summer (1983) TV Series
The Racing Game (1979) (mini) TV Series
Follyfoot (1971-73) TV Series.


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Jack Cardiff

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Director Stephen Frears

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Director Michael Apted

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